May 11
Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Back to smart watches for the spring time. I sold the Pixel Watch 2 to get the Samsung Galaxy Watch6. I find it be a more refined watch compared to the Pixel. Kudos to Google though, for their second iteration, the Pixel 2 was very very good. I think my next jump (or consideration) back to the Pixel watch lineup might be when they release the Pixel 10 Pro and release the Pixel Watch 4 to go with it. I plan to hang onto my current setup (Pixel 6 Pro and Galaxy Watch6) until then.

Anyway, I've been wear this Galaxy watch for about two weeks now. I find it more versatile (all of my 20mm standard watch bands bands fit it and look great!) and I like the UX over the Pixel Watch. The only things that don't seem to work with my Pixel phone without "hacking" the watch are ECG (which I have rarely used), blood pressure monitoring (again, infrequently used) and synchronizing bedtime mode with my phone. I get around that last part by just setting a scheduled bedtime on the watch (eg: display and notifications turn off at 10PM).