The Year of Billy Miller


John's in virtual learning for the remainder of the year. The teacher is currently reading them The Year of Billy Miller in their read-along class but he didn't want to wait over the weekend and wanted to read it for himself so we ended up buying the book on the Kindle. He finished it in two sittings. I asked him how it was and he said it was really good and that I should read it too.

I read it this morning and I really liked it. It puts you into the shoes of a 7-year-old boy and lets you see a snippet of their life from their perspective. John, being 7 himself, found it easy to relate to the boy in the book. We also agreed that the author is "really good with his descriptive words" and clearly illustrates the story so that anyone can understand it.

If you get the chance, I recommend you read it and if you have a second-grader, let them read it too. It will enrich your lives and give you lots of relatable content to talk about.