Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Sea Creatures



We got Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Christmas for the Nintendo Switch. For those who haven't played it -- don't... it's addictive. We've been playing it pretty much non-stop since then. 😄

BUT - if you do have it, and play it, and are addicted to it, you've probably figured out that swimming around and looking for sea creatures (where the bubbles are in the water) and selling them to the Nook brothers is an easy way to make some good money in the game.


Tonight I did a decent haul. Though I could've probably done better -- maybe next time.


Here's a table of the value of each of the 41 things you can find.

PS: I was just kidding. Get the game. 😃

Creature Name
Abalone Abalone 2000
Acorn Barnacle Acorn Barnacle 600
Chambered Nautilus Chambered Nautilus 1800
Dungeness Crab Dungeness Crab 1900
Firefly Squid Firefly Squid 1400
Flatworm Flatworm 700
Gazami Crab Gazami Crab 2200
Giant Isopod Giant Isopod 12000
Gigas Giant Clam Gigas Giant Clam 15000
Horseshoe Crab Horseshoe Crab 2500
Lobster Lobster 4500
Mantis Shrimp Mantis Shrimp 2500
Moon Jellyfish Moon Jellyfish 600
Mussel Mussel 1500
Octopus Octopus 1200
Oyster Oyster 1100
Pearl Pearl 10000
Pearl Oyster Pearl Oyster 2800
Red King Crab Red King Crab 8000
Scallop Scallop 1200
Sea Anemone Sea Anemone 500
Sea Cucumber Sea Cucumber 500
Sea Grapes Sea Grapes 900
Sea Pig Sea Pig 10000
Sea Pineapple Sea Pineapple 1500
Sea Slug Sea Slug 600
Sea Star Sea Star 500
Sea Urchin Sea Urchin 1700
Seaweed Seaweed 600
Slate Pencil Urchin Slate Pencil Urchin 2000
Snow Crab Snow Crab 6000
Spider Crab Spider Crab 12000
Spiny Lobster Spiny Lobster 5000
Spotted Garden Eel Spotted Garden Eel 1100
Sweet Shrimp Sweet Shrimp 1400
Tiger Prawn Tiger Prawn 3000
Turban Shell Turban Shell 1000
Umbrella Octopus Umbrella Octopus 6000
Vampire Squid Vampire Squid 10000
Venus' Flower Basket Venus' Flower Basket 5000
Whelk Whelk 1000