New features: photos and scribbles


Closing off 2020 with two new features added to this site: Photos and Scribbles. The idea is that I will move Mr. Monday to the scribbles section and build on it from there and as for the photos, well I want to post regularly like in the old photoblog days. For 2021 the goal is to post at least one photo a day, taken with a real camera. At the same time, I slowly I want to migrate away from social media and consolidate my online presence to this site.

My old site has photos from 2006 to 2013. I have 2013 to 2020 photos (99% cell phone capture) saved to my Amazon account, so I will probably make a couple of albums and hard link them somewhere for reference. Beyond that, it'll all be found on here.

If you would like regular updates on my content, I recommend subscribing to my RSS feeds found over on About page. RSS is not dead! 😄 You can use any RSS aggregator of your choice. I like Feedly.