New glasses, new restrictions


1 My new glasses arrived today! I'm super excited about them, especially because these prescriptions are a bit weaker than previously which means my sight has improved, at least for now. The optometrist said don't get used to it as soon it will all start going downhill. 😄 Thanks for the dose of reality.

Ontario will be implementing more restrictions starting on Monday to combat the spike in the spread of COVID-19. Just in time for Christmas. I wish they'd just shut the whole province down for a few months and fine people who still willy-nilly jump from house to house or have parties and get-togethers. Lock us down like New Zealand did. They have their act together. They're back to living their normal lives which seems so out of reach for us.

Anyway, Christmas is in a few days and Nikki and I were talking yesterday that it's crazy that we're already done shopping. Usually we go right till the 24th. It's definitely a different kind of year in many ways.