October 12, 2023
Small step for man, giant leap for Miklos

Last week I received a letter from CBP indicating I no longer need to chase after a waiver, I am free to cross over to the US whenever I would like.

(I'm downplaying the [20 year] gap in my life and the journey to get here and how big and important of a deal this is to me personally. It's been life-altering.)

To test this newfound access, Pircsi and I decided on a quick trip to Target, then to Olive Garden for dinner. Great success! The border was no hassle. We got through in less than a minute. I took a moment to take it all in, and it all seemed very surreal. It still does this morning.

Oh, in less important but just as exciting news, I pre-ordered a Pixel Watch 2 and it arrived yesterday. I'll do a separate post on that in a bit.

Everything is coming up Milhouse.

Except for dropping my phone in the Target parking lot last night and shattering the screen.