Jul 19
July Update - Back on the 'gram and a Fitbit to boot!

I should've learned by now to shut my mouth and not say things I can't commit to.

In my defense, I really was set on not using Instagram again, as well as never owning a smartwatch. But a few months of isolation from the world -- Instagram being the last thread tying me to the masses -- I started to feel like this guy. I mainly missed the chat and the passing of nonsense posts back and forth to friends and family.

So I got a shiny new Instagram account -- I'm even on Threads and Messenger -- This new account is not tied to my old one in any way. I had to get a bit clever to pull that one off because no matter what they have you believe when you delete your account, Meta doesn't forget about you or any of your details. I also did my best to restrict the new account, denying but a drop of permissions, but I am sure they still collect it all. I did keep the account public because so is this website I suppose. I will not be posting as frivolously as I did on the old account though.

Secondly, and this sort of came out of nowhere -- I got a Fitbit. What happened was a few weeks ago I found the old Fitbit Versa that used to belong to my dad (we inherit their old technologies) and charged it up. I gave it a trial run for a couple of days and really liked the heart and sleep monitoring features.

So much so that I ended up buying the Fitbit Sense 2. I've been wearing it for about 2.5 weeks now, and it's been a great tool and a very useful addition to my aging existence. It's also curbed my need to want to buy -- or even browse -- any other "real" watches. I guess that's an added bonus.

So yeah, two of three things I said I'd never use [again] in my life... What's next? Chat GPT?

Not. Bloody. Likely. That one I can say with 1000% confidence. Everyone around me keeps telling me stories of how it has saved them time or helped write things for them... I find it bit disturbing to be honest. We no longer have to think or be challenged? No thanks.