September 30, 2020
Simple charts and a simple pen


My friend Bob sent me a bunch of Field Notes notebooks along with a wide variety of pens because that's just the kind of cool guy he is.

The package arrived today and I tried out one of the Sarasa Dry 0.4mm gel pen he's been touting for the past while. He was right in that it dries quickly so there's no smudging. It's also super light so it's pretty effortless to write with. I'll have to use it more before I can see whether my wrist tires after prolonged use like it does sometimes with my Parker Jotter.

Also today the AI ad overlords suggested an article about learning to draw (which I obviously I fell for because here we are). There was a chart doodle by Saskia Keultjes that made me chuckle which also ended up as the subject of my testing of the new Sarasa Dry.

I found this doodle a great example to illustrate that when you're building charts or even dashboards they should be simple and concise. You don't need sensory overload to get your point across.