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 Peggy's Cove Revisited
 Peggy's Cove
  The garage demolition
 City of Drying
 Pre-storm bike ride
 Broccoli Island
 Paddle boating leads to rock climbing
 The light rn
 Upside down
 Headed North
 Parkway Social
 Beach sunset
 Nightly walk with Junior Brown
 Port Dalhousie Sunset
 Alex turned 5 months old today
 Saturday Sausage Stuffing
 Algae on the beach
 Astronauts and cavemen and werewolves, oh my!
 Sunrise today
 Welland River Catfish
 Quick bike ride
 Another moment from the boat ride
 First boat ride of the year
 Cruise Night
 Rest in Peace Casey
 First time in the Skylon Tower
 Best shades
 John's Nacho Yums
 Market buds
 Staring at the sky where hummingbirds fly
 Random Joel Plaskett concert last night
 Sour cherry blossom season
 Miller Road Sunset ft. Trees
 Joined Team Pixel
 The heck, Greg?
 Sushi Paradise
 Still a good playground
 Papo and his breakfast
 Sunday Funday
 Winter 2022 hangs on
 Alex Minh Bacso
 We are insignificant
 By the backyard gate
 Nice to be out again
 Peace Bridge
 Freezing cold evening at HH Knoll
 Port Colborne Anchor
 First snow squall of 2022
 Crystal Beach at the end of 2021
 Intense winds last night
 Stand out from the crowd
 First snow of the 2021 season
 My sushi date
 Fall 2021
 Short Hills Hike
 Traveling Tradition
 A rare selfie
 A different kind of sunrise
 Sunrise Sep 21/21
 The sunflower field
 Island Trip 2021
 Knee deep in the Welland River
 Thunder Moon
 While waiting for mom
 Beach walk in PJs
 Tiny Bunny
 Beach walk before the storm
 Stormy night on the beach
 Sunrise Hat-trick
 Another early morning walk
 6AM Beach Therapy
 Happy Father's Day
 My new favourite mug
 Happy 63!
 Fully vaccinated
 Welland River Fog
 Happy 8th Anniversary
 Chilling in the backyard
 Happy birthday Nikki!
 New camera, photo run
 John turns another year older
 Sunday, Stowa Sunday
 Date on a broken dock
 March Rainbow - Part 3
 March Rainbow - Part 2
 March Rainbow - Part 1
 John's character ideas
 Goat snuggles at Field and Forest Acres
 Cuppa Joe - Rainbow Steam
 40 by 40
 La Grande Hermine (replica carrack)
 The lilacs are budding
 PJ Beach Walk
 The Advenchurs of Mr. Robot
 Weekend by the piano
 Black Creek bridge
 The aforementioned sushi
 My 3rd blood donation
 John in his natural habitat
 Batman Spider-Man Standoff
 Sunset through the back trees
 Party in the ditch
 Pircsi turned another year older
 Beat sunrise (not-so-lazy Sunday)
 Stowa circle
 Downy Woodpecker
 On its edge
 International Control Dam through the trees
 Taco Tuesday feat. DJ Mushroom
 Icy beach landscape
 Baby Goat
 Sanyi Got Married!
 A Stormy Day
 Mossy Rock
 Geese in the old Welland Canal
 Missed the bus
 Casey, we almost missed it!
 Squirrel Bath
 Rusty Pruning Shears
 The Eternal Drip
 Piano Keys
 Yard full of snow at sunset
 The Family Day Cross-Stitch Project
 John and Franz
 Little Miss Freddie
 Frozen Beach Tree
 Sunrise through the Boxelder Tree
 In the kitchen window
 Brown Stowa Pilotstrap
 Here Comes the Sun
 Cold Blue Spruce
 Friday night bagel
 The Caged Clam
 Icy coffee table
 Shed-y Reflection
 Messy Shed Wall
 Backyard Coral Reef
 Charts, Charts, Everywhere!
 Snowy Night
 Birthday Sky
 Eraser do not eat
 New Horizons
 The beach is starting to freeze
 Driftwood - New Opportunities
 Spider plants R Us
 Our growing beach glass collection
 My favourite mug
 Foggy Cold Gnome
 Rico Joseph Cat
 Rusty bucket
 Beach Barriers
 Then I Ate The Sign
 Beach Haul
 The Back Shed
 For good luck
 Reed: All mangled
 All about blur
 Birdfeeder Sunrise
 The Watch Box
 Home office webcam light
 My work-from-home companion
 The Larch (Winter)
 Stowa, meet Alox
 Birthday sushi
 Stained glass window
 The old cherry tree
 Last day of the year
 Neat & tidy comics
 Christmas portrait 2020

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