Thinkgeek Zombies

Oh man I haven't been to in a while. I love the design changes they made. I especially like the CSS zombies that appear in the background image as you scroll to the very bottom of the page:

The scapegoat is back!

Bin Laden is starting to be like Jesus... appearing conveniently when people need him to appear:
(Shit... picks the URL codes randomly and it came up with AQ for the above news article... I take back what I said... maybe Bin Laden is real and is controlling everything!)

365 project fail

I tried this one photo a day for 365 days thing but I only lasted 13 days legitimately :) I haven't posted since the 13th... However, I caught up with some random stuff around the kitchen and will try to continue even though it's more like a 363 day project now...

Avatar - The Metacontextual Edition

This is great, because it made me feel stupid for liking Avatar. (I still like it though.)

Mazda back on the road

We put the Mazda back on the road. It's such a drastic difference between that car and a brand new car. So many noises, sounds... Poor thing, she's mad at me for having her off the road for 5 months.

An Hour in Times Square

An amusing article Jessyel posted on his blog accompanied by some nice black and white shots:

The 365 Project

I will (try to) take/post a photo every day this year:

Citizen AT0550-11X

Peter found a nicer picture of my new watch.


Utf8 Test


Christmas 2009

Christmas dinner at Alex's house was a success! Good work Alex for finishing your kitchen in time. (I don't think we said it but we're proud of you.) Thanks to mom and dad for all their help as well. As for presents, there were lots! Amongst all the stuff I got was a Citizen Eco-Drive watch from Nikki. This puts an end to my forever long search for watches... I think! :)

First snow of 2009

We got a bit of snow this morning... I mean not much, but nonetheless it is a reminder of the long winter ahead of us.
See today's photo archives.

Peanut and Halloween 2

Last year we started a tradition of dressing Peanut up for Halloween. This year the tradition continues. There's nothing like when you walk in the house at 11:30pm and a dog in a butterfly outfit runs at you barking...

Obama counter site gets more visits

Back when Obama was 100 days in office, I made a site called as sort of a gag... Not many people visit it, and I don't really expect them to - it's a gag site! Anyway it's interesting to note that in the recent weeks, people have been searching "how long has obama been president" more frequently. On October 9th, for example, 32 people found the site because they searched those keywords. Why are people searching this all of a sudden? Is it around that time when people start wondering? I guess when the answer "less than a year" isn't enough...

Make Offer button leads to a new watch

I was browsing eBay for watches (like I usually do) and saw a "Make Offer" button on a watch that I kind of liked... So I bid $10 lower than the price of the watch. The seller accepted. So now I own this:

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

... for not being George W. Bush:

Giant dust ring around Saturn

The biggest dust ring around the planet Saturn - which has never before been seen - has been spotted by the Spitzer Space Telescope. The ring is so diffuse that it does not reflect much visible light - but the infrared telescope was able to detect it.

Source: Sky News

Google Apps Favicon

I wish Google Apps had a place where we could change the favicon. The default Google favicon is nice and all, but I like my new M.

Cormorants in Welland

If you're in Welland and cross the Lincoln Street, Division Street or Ontario Street bridges often, this year--seemingly more so than other years--you'll see a bunch of Double-crested Cormorants occupying the top of the light posts. Just now on the way back to work after my lunch break I actually had to swerve out of the way to avoid a giant spray of crap that one was trying to baptize my car with. If you look, they have left a huge mess on the ground and all over the light posts. Rain doesn't even wash it away... so imagine that going on your car and being caked on there. Their crap is so acidic that the trees they nest on can actually die because of it. Anyway, I'm glad they found the Welland canal and are providing this city with a bit of excitement.

First Oil Change

The Forte's first oil change takes place at 8am. It's almost like seeing your child off on the first day of daycare. Almost. I don't really know though, as I don't have children...

Coffee with honey

Mr. Salanki once said to try coffee with nothing but honey in it. We all thought it was strange, but after messing with the ratio of coffee to honey--if you get it right--it's actually quite good. Mr. Salanki makes homemade honey, I would guess he's tried it in a lot of different foods/drinks. I've got some of his honey that I've been putting in my coffee lately and this morning's ratio turned out to be perfect. Worth recording anyway...
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