Discovered Dropbox yesterday. I suggest you sign up as well, it's pretty neat.

Behind the design

Making of a BMW 7 Series: http://jui.cc/MH

New zoom view

It's been a little while since I've done any feature upgrades, so today I'll release a new zoom feature. You can see it visiting any photo, like this one for example. Hovering over it will change the cursor to a magnifying glass. Click on the image to be taken to the photo's zoomed in version. I'll be tweaking that page in the coming days but that's the basic idea of it as it stands... Enjoy!

devcon.exe 64 bit version

Had an issue with Nikki's 64bit Windows 7 laptop not connecting to network shares today, and after some research it turns out that it's because if the Virtual WiFi adapter is on, Windows 7 unexpectedly creates a bunch of Microsoft 6to4 adapters (6to4 adapters are a components used for transmitting ipv6 packets trough ipv4 network correctly) after the computer is rebooted. This over time seems to kill some of the networking functionality of the machine. I looked in Device Manager's Network Adapters section and it listed over 200 of these 6to4 adapters just sitting there! (Make sure to go to View > Show hidden devices in Device manager to see them.) I found a site that talks about removing these adapters using a program Microsoft provides called devcon.exe but that didn't work on Windows 7 64, so I had to download the Windows Drivers Kit image and find something called "setuptools_x64fre.msi" in it which had the 64bit version of devcon.exe.

Download the WDK ISO and extract devcon.exe from it (or just download devcon.zip directly from here and extract it if you don't want to mess around with a 600mb ISO)

How to use devcon.exe to remove all Microsoft 6to4 adapters:

1) Extract devcon.exe to c:\temp from either the ISO or the direct link above.
2) Click Start > All Programs > Accessories, right click on Command Prompt and run as administrator.
3) type cd \temp
4) type devcon remove *6to4MP*

Removing all--possibly hundreds--of the adapters might take a few minutes. After it's done, restart the machine and the network shares should be available once again.

If you don't want these 6to4 adapters to be created over and over again, you might want to check out this solution or request the hotfix from Microsoft.

Update: The hotfix seems to work.

A poll for photographers

I know this poll is mostly biased towards Canon/Nikon users but oh well! So if you're a Nikon/Canon user, let me know which type of cell phone you own. I'm curious.

KIA settlement with car insurance

Last week's mess will soon be just another memory. The insurance company paid off the price I paid for that car almost in full. I'm going to try living without the luxury of a car - using my girlfriend's/my old mazda when necessary. The idea of having no car debt for the next 5-6 years seems awfully nice right now.

Clients from hell

A Three Page Site
Client: “Can you quote me for a three page site?”
Me: “Sure. What are the three pages?”
Client: “Home, Contact, and Login.”
via clientsfromhell.net

Prints - new prices

Once again I've changed the print prices, they're way more reasonable than they were before... and I added limited edition Fine Art prints as well. Everyone should be able to afford smaller sized prints now so please buy some! The 'buy a print' link is easier to see on the main page now; when you click on any image, the link should be right under the larger version of it.

Martin Wilson's contact sheets

Wow... http://www.martinwilson.net/index.html
Be sure to read the stories behind the images.

Google Wave flop

Every genius is allowed a horrible product every 10 years or so.

Inside Niagara redirects to Yahoo!

Today I noticed that insideniagara.com redirects to Yahoo! Canada. Strange. I check that site regularly for movie listings...

Update: As a result, I built a quick movie reference page for Cineplex theatres in the Niagara Region: miklos.ca/cineplex_niagara.

First/Last links added to Paginator class

I've updated the paginator class in this framework.. There's now a "first/last" link that shows if the first and last pages are not visible in the list of pages between the prev/next links. See a working example, say, here: miklos.ca/?page=7 (scroll to the bottom.) Dagh.net and sncrly.com use the same class, so these changes should be in effect there too.

Waterworld hero

It was treated as an oddball twist in the otherwise wrenching saga of the BP oil spill when Kevin Costner stepped forward to promote a device he said could work wonders in containing the spill's damage. But as Henry Fountain explains in the New York Times, the gadget in question - an oil-separating centrifuge - marks a major breakthrough in spill cleanup technology. And BP, after trial runs with the device, is ordering 32 more of the Costner-endorsed centrifuges to aid the Gulf cleanup.
via news.yahoo.com

More tweaks

First things first, I've added a lightbox feature to the main page. Click on any image on the main page to initiate it. You can also select a tag from the tags page and do the same. Clicking the title within the lightbox popup will take you to the permanent link of the photo. Secondly, I separated the portfolio tag and added it to the main menu. I'll be shuffling photos around in that tag to keep it fresh. Enjoy!

New site design

I released a new site design today, which has a few sources of inspiration (the front page is very much like www.ricecracker.net for example.) The old site can be found at 2010.miklos.ca.

End of miklosrocks.com

This morning I got an email from my registrar saying that miklosrocks.com has expired and has been deleted from the registry. And so dies another one of the 30+ domain names I'm still trying to get rid of. Farewell miklosrocks.com! Sorry you never amounted to anything but rest assured that I will continue to rock in your honour!

Hungary Flooded

I remember driving through the town of Edelény (starting at photo #22 in the gallery) ... crazy stuff.

Rona MS Bike Tour 2010

Here we go again! The 75km fundraising bike ride for Multiple Sclerosis is coming up once again... Please pledge me by clicking here (or the big blue button below.) You can send your donation any time between now and August 22nd.

Pledge Me Online


Driving around the country for 4 days straight sure takes a lot out of you! Tomorrow is a day of rest. The day after that, down to Apagy. As I said before, check out the photos from the trip: http://jui.cc/dw

Hungary 2010

Hungary is awesome so far. We've driven practically everywhere... View the photos in my flickr stream.

Spring-clean Kia

Cleaned the car today, inside and out. My advice to people wanting to buy brand new cars: do it only if you don't care about winter wear. The car suffered some significant scratches during the past few months due to all the salt on the road. There's also an unusual amount of wear on the front edge of the rear door on the driver's side which I can't explain. I hope the extra money invested in the paint protection will cover the repair. One thing's for sure, I'm going to think twice before putting another brand new car through a Canadian winter, even a mild one like we just had.

Then and Now

Photo by: Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse
I got the idea when I tried to find out more about some photos I found on a flea market. Trying to discover where they were taken I looked around my city, found the locations and took photos to compare then and now. Mixing them was just a experiment and because I was happy with the result I decided to do the same with other historical photos. I am a historical consultant for film, tv, authors, museums, etc. and I even have a 1930s lifestyle. History is part of my daily life, I can’t help but see the shadows of the past.
Found in a PetaPixel post.

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